A Review Of Test Driven Development With Go

Sep 12, 2016 09:03 · 297 words · 2 minute read tdd testing books

In a previous blog entry I talk about my recent technical challenge with CoreOS. I enjoyed my interview there so much that I started doing some reading about Go. Here’s a second book that I read that I would like to write a review about. It’s called Test-Driven Development With Go written by Yigal Duppen. You can find it on leanpub and it costs $0-14.99. I was tempted when I came across it to pay for it, but I thought maybe I’ll give it a read before I pay the author (authors have to eat too). I’m glad I made that decision. The content in the book is very good, but the book is far from complete. On the bottom of the Leanpub page it says that it has been updated over two years ago and that it is only 10% finished. This was not particularly evident to me when I was first deciding to buy it. The author stops at Ch. 4 obviously not finished. I think the author was on track to write a book as good as Test Driven Development: By Example by Kent Beck. The first chapters do a great job of explaining how test driven development works, and how to implement it in Go. The example is clear and the step by step process is well done. If the author had finished it I would have actually gone back and paid more for the book then the suggested price. As it stands now I wish I knew Go well enough that I could go and finish it for him because someone should. In summary you should definitely download it if you are looking for a very brief intro to test driven development in Go, but I wouldn’t pay the full suggested amount.

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